Author Topic: Stuart: A Life Backwards.  (Read 12 times)


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Stuart: A Life Backwards.
« on: August 22, 2016, 10:16:02 pm »
A writer takes a backwards look at the life of his unlikely friend Stuart, a homeless alcoholic who experienced a traumatic event in his childhood.


Benedict Cumberbatch:  Alexander Masters
Tom Hardy:  Stuart Shorter
Nicola Duffett:  Judith
Claire-Louise Cordwell:  Karen
Edna Doré:  Gran
Candis Nergaard:  Sophie
Joanna Maude:  Ruth
Trevor Sellers:  John
Barbara Barnes:  Wintercomfort Secretary
Hugh Armstrong:  Old Drunk
George Anton:  Dangerous Ginger
Dominic Kemp:  Academic Man
Shenagh Govan:  Bookish Woman
Caroline Parker:  Deaf Jackie
Richard Cant:  Dainty Man
Terry Bird:  Police Officer A
Andrew Hallett:  Police Officer B
Laurence Hobbs:  Smithy
Giles Taylor: Reuben
David Chittenden:  James
Felicity Dean:  Dido
Dominic Coleman:  Attacking Man
Sagar Arya:  Solicitor
Lorna Bennett:  Anne Campbell's PA
Sandra Maitland:  Dr. Campbell MP
Timothy Carlton:  Judge Howarth
Alexandra Mathie:  Labour Councillor
Adam Payne:  Stuart Aged - 7-12
Franco Lombardi:  Johnny - Aged 10 / 11
George Nolan:  Bobby - Aged 10 / 11
Daniel McMillan:  Gavvy - Aged 14
Marston Bloom:  Drew
Elizabeth Boag:  Teacher
Morne Botes:  Pissing Couple
Cressida Cooper:  Sloucher's Girlfriend
Steven Hopwood:  Amputee
Jamie Kenna:  PC jones
Steve King:  James Gibbons
Joe Lloyd:  White Van Man
Richard Pettyfer:  Head prison officer
Adam Shaw:  Sloucher
Chris Wilson:  Police Officer

Jimmy Darling.
AHS:  Freak Show.

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