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Never Back Down.
« on: August 24, 2016, 10:04:53 pm »
A frustrated and conflicted teenager arrives at a new highschool to discover an underground fightclub and meet a classmate who begins to coerce him into fighting.


Sean Faris:  Jake Tyler
Amber Heard:  Baja Miller
Cam Gigandet:  Ryan McCarthy
Evan Peters:  Max Cooperman
Leslie Hope:  Margot Tyler
Djimon Hounsou:  Jean Roqua
Wyatt Smith:  Charlie Tyler
Affion Crockett:  Beatdown DJ
Neil Brown Jr.:  Aaron
Lauren Leech:  Jenny
Tilky Jones:  Eric
Steven Crowley   :  Ben
Tom Nowicki:  Mr. Lloyd
Chele André:  Max's Girl
Chris Lindsay:  Beat Down Referee
David Zelon:  Ryan's Dad
Kyle Sabihy:  Jake's Teammate
Patric Knutsson:  Vocabulary Guy
Cameron Francis:  ER Doctor
Jeremy Palko:  Running Back
Antony Matos:  Yellow Hummer Crew
Daniel Hernandez:  Yellow Hummer Crew
Justin A. Williams:  Yellow Hummer Crew
Jon McIntosh:  Beat Down Computer Kid
David J. Perez:  Miles Dupree
Jocelyn Binder:  Hot Tub Chick
Deon Stein:  Hot Tub Chick
Steve Zurk:  Jake's Dad
Reed Baumgarten:  Mansion Fighter
Devin Higgins:  Mansion Fighter
Jennifer L. Miller:  Female Mansion Fighter
Delphine French:  Female Mansion Fighter
Joe Williams:  Latino Mansion Fighter
Angel Hernandez:  African American Fighter
Rachael Thompson:  Ex-Girlfriend Mansion Fighter
Ryan Frank Rayonec:  Ex-Boyfriend Mansion Fighter
Ryan Watson:  Mintz
Joop Katana:  Camin
Frank Santore III:  Taylor
Joseph Cortez:  Lopez
Craig Raboteau:  Nyah
Daniel Lovette:  Himoff
Tony Fuh:  Stackwell
Jonathan Eusebio:  Dak Ho
Peter Allende:  Villa
Remington Reed:  Kline
Josh Mueller:  Last Year's Opponent

Jimmy Darling.
AHS:  Freak Show.

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